America's Best Bars for Picking Up a ... Boss

America's Best Bars Here's one for the minglers in our midst -- you know the type -- those who are comfortable going to a bar, lounge or bistro and chatting up people they've never met before -- the ones who seem to be able to effortlessly get a date whenever they go out. Well, if you can find a date at a bar, why not use the same skills to find a job? That's one of the points of Entrepreneur magazine's recently released list of "Best Business Bars."

There's certainly no offense or pressure intended for those who are more comfortable sitting in front of their computers and finding love, or a job, online. But those who enjoy and thrive on impromptu, face-to-face meetings might want to check out Entrepreneur's July special report on America's best bars for doing business.

"Entrepreneurs are judged on the selections they make, and the bar they choose to conduct business is no exception," says Amy Cosper, vice president and editor in chief of Entrepreneur magazine. "When they are comfortable enough with the place, the staff and the overall vibe, that bar operates as a pseudo-office, a go-to place to get things done."

Some of those "things" business people get done can involve hiring and recruiting new employees. Think of how comfortable your future boss will be with you if you meet in a place you both like and frequent. It will be as if you're already members of the same club -- maybe even members of the same family. You'd certainly give the appearance of being able to slide right into the insiders' corporate culture, because you're simpatico enough to enjoy the same after-hours haunts.

So, depending on your work style, the position you're looking for, and what type of person you're trying to meet, check out Entrepreneur's list of the best places to see and be seen, and possibly even get hired!

In the meantime, start working on your boss pickup lines. Cheers!

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