3 Things You Can't Change About a House


can't change about a house
can't change about a house

Paint color, you can change. You can even rebuild the back deck to add the barbecue grill of your dreams. But there are three things you can't change about a house which makes them the most important things to look for when you go home-shopping:

1. Light

We are light-seeking creatures. In the pecking order of desirability, the best homes have southern exposures followed by eastern, western and then northern. The natural light in our homes varies at different times of the year, but homes with southern exposures will always be your brightest. Natural light affects our moods, how our plants grow, whether we need to burn up energy with lights turned on in the middle of the day.

Think about it: You can't reposition a house. If it's dark and gloomy, as many north-facing homes are, you can add skylights, paint the walls white and cut back any overhanging trees that create shade. But at the end of the day, you will still not have a bright and sunny house.

Remember, too, that a swimming pool on the south side gets the most afternoon sunshine, which is when most people use their pools.