FrontierVille's Pioneer Trail may have fossils, treasure, and gold mines--oh, my

FrontierVille Pioneer Trail map
FrontierVille Pioneer Trail map

At this point, everything but flash fires, avalanches and wild beavers is up in the air. Zynga released yet another survey, this time to its loyal pioneers regarding features they'd like to see in FrontierVille moving forward. However, no time frame has been given in the survey, implying that these features could be included in the upcoming Pioneer Trail expansion. Here are all the features listed, though you can only choose three within the actual survey:

  • Native American Treasures

  • A Mysterious Journal

  • An Oil Well

  • Dino Skeletons

  • Treasure Maps

  • A Gold Mine

  • New, Rare Animals

  • Rare Plants You Can Harvest

Do we really have to choose? All of those things sound potentially awesome. Alright, we'll play along--if we had to choose three features, we would pick Treasure Maps, Dino Skeletons and the Gold Mine. (Could you really pass up on straight gold?) At any rate, you can take the survey here. Then, it's time to wait and see whether any of these features make into stock FrontierVille or, better yet, the Pioneer Trail. I hate the waiting game.

[Via FrontierVille Info]

Which of these teased features do you hope make it into FrontierVille either way? What are you most excited about so far within the Pioneer Trail? Share with us in the comments. Add Comment.