Waitress Gets Attacked by Lil Wayne's Dancers

Lil Wayne File this under 'They Don't Pay Me Enough to Put Up with This.' A waitress in West Hartford, CT, was attacked and beaten Sunday by two dancers who were slated to perform on stage with rapper Lil Wayne Wednesday night. The altercation appears to have been started by an argument over splitting the check.

The PF Chang waitress's offense seems to have been telling the dancers, Jennifer Slaughter, 24, of Auburn Hills, Mich., and Della Hamby, 26, of North Hollywood, Calif., that they should have told her at the beginning of the meal that they wanted to split the check, rather than relating that bit of information at the end of the meal.

The two women paid and left, according to the Hartford Courant, but returned to retrieve a cell phone one had left behind, and began swearing at the waitress and threatening her. Then the police report says they physically attacked the server, pulling her hair and punching her. The altercation progressed to the point of throwing the waitress down on the floor and punching and kicking her.

Then they left the restaurant, and apparently went shopping at Old Navy. Police apprehended them in front of the store, and charged them with third-degree assault and second-degree breach of peace. They were released after posting $1,000 bail.

Sarah Cunningham, the spokesperson for the Lil Wayne tour, was quick to point out that Slaughter and Hamby are contracted performers and not employees of the tour or Lil Wayne's record label. She also said that while rehearsals are continuing, the incident is being reviewed internally, and Slaughter and Hamby are not expected to be included in the performance.

Meanwhile, a fellow worker at the restaurant reported that the waitress is "okay."

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