Upgrading the CityVille Shamrock Sing-A-Long: Everything you need to know

Shamrock Sing-A-Long upgrades
Shamrock Sing-A-Long upgrades

Nope, there aren't any Irish holidays this month--this is just another zany CityVille update. Zynga has released upgrades to the Shamrock Sing-A-Long, though we're not quite sure why. At any rate, it's another building to be upgraded, so be happy with whatcha' get, will ya?

This method of upgrading is considerably different from previous outings, forgoing the special items altogether for a much simpler point system. However, each level of the new Shamrock Sing-A-Long doesn't seem to change the appearance of the building at all, at least according to this in-game image. At least it still boosts the building's Coin earnings and Goods consumption.

In order to completely upgrade the building, it appears that you will need to ask 25 friends for their help, each of which contributes two points of progress to a total of 50. As the bar fills, your Shamrock Sing-A-Long will increase in level, likely at 25 points and 50 points. Here's the breakdown of what each boost provides:

Shamrock Sing-A-Long (Level 2)

  • Earns: 527 Coins

  • Requires: 110 Goods

Shamrock Sing-A-Long (Level 3)

  • Earns: 811 Coins

  • Requires: 150 Goods

Shamrock Sing-A-Long upgrade
Shamrock Sing-A-Long upgrade

Of course, you do have the option to pay 4 City Cash per point of progress, but why do that when simply bugging a friend nets two points? If you ask us, we love the new system--why get players to scrounge around for items that, for all intents and purposes, represented the exact same thing? Exactly.

[Source and Image Credits: Zynga, Miss Boo]

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