Ten Jobs for Introverts

Jobs for IntrovertsBy Alina Dizik, Special to CareerBuilder

As an introvert, finding a position where you can really shine while working on individual projects can seem challenging. But with some research, you'll find plenty of positions where your skills and personal contributions are valued. Many jobs include opportunities for some teamwork as well as the kind of independent work that allows introverts to recharge. No matter which industry you consider, companies are eager for self-starters who are able to work independently.

Here are 10 great jobs for introverts:

1. Software engineer

Average annual salary: $97,581*

Analytical in nature, most software engineers enjoy the opportunity to figure out complicated solutions on their own. The option to work on a consulting basis is another perk of the position. Engineers also enjoy the challenge of their job since they must constantly learn new technologies and keep skills up-to-date.

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2. Pharmacist

Average annual salary: $117,475

For those with introverted personalities, a pharmacy offers plenty of time for introspection but isn't a job that's entirely closed off from people -- most pharmacists still must deal with patients on a daily basis. Many pharmacists also appreciate the contemplative and life-changing nature of their work.

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3. Accountant

Average annual salary: $59,159

With plenty of time to figure out complex problems, many accountants love their time alone while poring over spreadsheets. The analytical nature of the position and the constant challenges make it a great fit for introverts. Accounting also requires impeccable attention to detail because even small mistakes can significantly hurt clients.

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4. Paralegal

Average annual salary: $62,853

Paralegals often draft contracts, do research and sift through records. The job is rewarding for those who love research and don't need the buzz of constant interaction with a team. Since some guidance is provided, the career is a great stepping-stone to other areas of the legal field.

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5. Graphic designer

Average annual salary: $60,311

Often working flexible hours, graphic designers work individually to finish creative projects for various clients. Most designers relish the creativity that the field brings and do their best work almost entirely on their own. Graphic designers value the intersection of art and technology that the career brings.

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6. Artist

Average annual salary: $43,984

Without managers or co-workers peeking over your shoulder, artists of any type relish working alone and producing one-of-a-kind work. Most of their interaction with others comes when the work is ready for display or to be put up for sale, so sales skills are a must.

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7. Translator

Average annual salary: $56,266

The autonomy that comes with translating languages can be a draw for those looking to work for themselves. Many translators work on multiple projects at once and often manage their own deadlines. While most translators work for agencies, others form their own small businesses.

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8. Technical writer

Average annual salary: $70,306

Putting together technical copy can be a great job for introverts. Most writing projects are done on an individual basis and require infrequent interaction with supervisors, often without the need for an office. Technical writers must also be comfortable using references to put together their work.

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9. Market research analyst

Average annual salary: $71,123

Looking into market trends to help understand consumer opinions can be a great position for introverts who are interesting in marketing. Research analysts do anything from one-off studies to extensive research around an area of consumer interest. Analyzing data is a significant part of their day.

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10. Civil engineer

Average annual salary: $81,738

Although working in teams is part of the job description, civil engineers must do the bulk of their work individually. Civil engineers work on anything from tunnels to highways and supervise construction of this type of infrastructure.

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*Average annual salary information from CB salary.com

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