FrontierVille One Billion Hammers Goals: Everything you need to know


As part of the new One Billion Hammers event in FrontierVille, that will have all users working collectively to reach a one billion Golden Hammer mark to open the Pioneer Trail early, Zynga has also released a three part goal series to really keep us busy. These goals reward you with Golden Hammers, and since every hammer does ultimately count, you'll want to get started on these as soon as you can - it's for a good cause, people!

Here's a complete rundown of what to expect (note: these goals are on a slow rollout, so don't panic if you don't have them yet).

Carin' Carpenter

Build the Hammer Forge
Collect 10 Planks
Visit Fanny (collect the Schoolhouse Daily Bonus Twice)

Planks are available to craft inside the Wagon for 7 wood and 250 coins each. Meanwhile, for a complete look at how to build the Hammer Forge, check out our guide. For finishing this first goal, you'll receive 250 XP, 250 coins and 10 Golden Hammers.

First, Do No Harm

Tend 30 Chickens on a Neighbors' Homestead
Clear 10 Skulls
Get 10 Medical Degrees

You'll need to ask your friends to send you the Medical Degrees, and while you wait, you can turn in the Cow or Graveyard collections to earn extra Skulls if you don't already have ten growing on your land. Finish this goal and you'll earn 500 XP, 500 coins and another 10 Golden Hammers (sensing a theme here?).

Out With a Bang!

Clobber 5 Bears
Clobber 5 Snakes
Collect 10 Buckshot Balls

Again, ask your friends to send you these items, then remember to let some debris and trees grow on your land, so you have enough "bait" to actually pull out five bears and snakes in a reasonable time frame. For completing this last goal, you'll earn 750 XP, 750 coins, and - you guessed it - another 10 Golden Hammers.

Sure, 30 Golden Hammers may not seem like a lot when the overall goal is one billion, but just think - that's 30 Golden Hammers per person. Let's say all 3.5 million of the game's daily active players complete these goals - that's suddenly 105 million Hammers, which definitely isn't shabby. Add all of these goal-rewarded Hammers to those earned by friend requests and the one billion hammer mark is definitely doable. Just remember to stay vigilant over the next few days or even weeks, and we'll all get to the Pioneer Trail in no time!

Do you think these goals should reward more than 30 Golden Hammers, or do you think their difficulty is proportionate to the rewards? What do you think of this One Billion Hammer event overall? Let us know in the comments.