FrontierVille Golden Trails Collection offers a preview of Pioneer Trail events


Along with the One Billion Hammers event in FrontierVille comes the new Golden Trails collection. This collection offers a free Golden Hammer to anyone that completes it, along with 350 XP, and contains items that will "offer a sneak preview of Pioneer Trail areas and events."

There's a Golden Beaver Trap, which makes sense, as one of the Trail's areas is called Beaver Valley. A Golden Water Bucket apparently refers to the Prairie Fires in the High Plains, while a Golden Show Shovel likely alludes to Avalanche Pass. There's a Golden Musket for hunting food or just showing those bears who's boss, but the Golden Goose Egg is a bit of an odd one. Unless we'll be able to come across a magical Golden Egg laying Goose, I'm out of ideas. My mind is definitely intrigued though, and I can't wait to see what that hint actually develops into.

Remember, we have the power now as to when the Pioneer Trail will launch. If you're antsy for a new adventure in the wilderness, make sure to send (and ask for) as many Golden Hammers as possible, along with completing the event's new goals, to help the expansion launch that much faster!

What do you think this Golden Goose Egg refers to in terms of Pioneer Trail gameplay features? Will we be able to hunt geese? Use Goose Eggs for food on the trail? Use their feathers for pillows or bedding? Help us speculate in the comments!