FarmVille Sneak Peek: Super Crops coming soon?


If you've been playing FarmVille since early 2010, you may remember the initial introduction of the "Super" crop to FarmVille. At the time, we were allowed to grow just Super Pumpkins, which at the time were a fast way to earn extra coins and experience points, as they only took four hours to grow. Fast forward more than a year, and four hours seems like a heck of a long time for something that's supposed to be "super." Perhaps that's why Zynga's apparently attempting to re-capture the super crop flame with a whole new line of super, masterable crops.

Don't be alarmed - these crops are just seemingly beefed up versions of crops we've all been used to for a while now: grapes, watermelon, cotton, and so on. Each comes with a newly designed gold mastery sign, making them stand out from the rest (after all, since the crops are simply bigger versions of their former selves, the same mastery sign - in theory - couldn't be used twice). There's no word yet as to how or when these crops will be available, but we can imagine they might come from experiments in the Greenhouse, or even as Crafting Silo crops, as we're still not entirely sure what Zynga has planned for that upcoming new feature.

Either way, make sure to keep checking back with us, as we'll make sure you're the first to know when these crops are released in the game; that is, once we know first.

[Image Credit: FarmVille Pro]

What do you think of these Super Crops? Do you like the idea of having a second version of all of the original crops to master all over again, or would you welcome the challenge? Let us know in the comments.