Empires & Allies launches Tactical Nukes for the ultimate in destruction


Do you have one or two Empires & Allies friends that have relentlessly attacked your islands every time they get a chance? Are you bent on revenge, but haven't really had to the ability to fight back using standard units? Now's your chance to exact the perfect revenge, as Tactical Nukes have been released in the store for a limited time.

Each Tactical Nuke is a one-time-use object, meaning that once you use it to blow away either a story enemy or your neighbors in battle, you won't be able to use it again. At a fairly high price tag of 49 Empire Points, that makes this a pretty big splurge, for something you'll never see again. Still, just imagine the sheer satisfaction you'll feel after dropping a nuke on a buddy that seems to have it out for you, or a story boss that just won't quit.

If you have any future plans for nuclear combat, you'll need to purchase these Tactical Nukes now, as they'll only be available in the store for a little less than two days, as of this writing. It didn't take long for Zynga to enter the nuclear age in Empires & Allies, so where does that leave us to grow from here? Will we potentially be given factories where we can produce future nukes? Or, will we be able to craft something even more sinister - perhaps something magical that's only available in a digital environment? We'll make sure to let you know what Zynga has up their sleeve, just as soon as we know more.

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Will you purchase a stockpile of Tactical Nukes for future use in Empires & Allies, or will you use your splurge right away, taking out anything and everything in your path? Are items like these "fair," since everyone can't or won't purchase them? Let us know in the comments.