Empires & Allies finishes its tour already? Game peaks at 53M players

Empires & Allies
Empires & Allies

In some cases, short tours aren't exactly a good thing. According to AppData, Zynga's newest FarmVille successor, Empires & Allies, may have already reached its peak. The game soared to 53 million players in just over a month, but now sits at 50,116,918 monthly players after losing another 982 thousand as of today.

With the way things were going, we half-expected E&A to be the next CityVille killer, but perhaps Zynga's core audience isn't as keen on blowing things up as we had hoped. However, E&A does maintain a stable of over 7 million daily players, which is a healthy portion of its monthly players compared to Zynga's other top games like FarmVille and FrontierVille.

This is especially significant considering no other Facebook game in the strategy genre has garnered this many monthly players. And keep in mind that it's entirely possible for the game to bounce back somehow or at least stabilize. But if Zynga fans really are ready for another game this soon, its developers better opt for dinner in-house to sate gamers' appetite for entertainment.

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