Dennis Hopper, Rolling Over in the Grave

Actor Dennis Hopper's Venice, Calif., compound is back on the market -- at a higher price tag, according to Now listed at $6,495,000, what's being offered is a five-parcel package that includes a 4,800-square-foot main house and three two-story condos designed by Frank Gehry, plus a 100-year-old guest cottage, a pool and a pool house. With an undulating aluminum and steel exterior, the main residence has been described as "an ode to the industrial look."

But let's get back to the higher price part, and the part about rolling over in the grave. At the time of his death at age 74 from prostate cancer, Hopper had filed for divorce from his fifth wife, Victoria Duffy. Despite being estranged -- and not quite divorced -- both still lived on the property. We figure that with 15,500 square feet of living space, this arrangement is at least imaginable if perhaps even tenable.
As AOL Real Estate reported last summer, the pair's prenuptial agreement gave Duffy 25 percent of the actor's fortune, plus a life insurance payout of $250,000. But then came the big AHA! moment: The prenup was contingent on the couple living together at the time of his passing, which was technically true, since Duffy had moved into a separate house on the same property.

Matters of complication didn't rest there either. Originally listed at $6,245,000, Hopper's children had a nanner-nanner moment of their own and reduced the price to $4.799 million -- down nearly 25 percent. Still no sale, and off the market the property went. Until now.

Why the higher price tag? Hard to say since it seems to defy market logic. But nobody ever said that anything connected to this story would be an Easy Ride(r).

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Dennis Hopper, Rolling Over in the Grave

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