Zynga will launch FrontierVille's Pioneer Trail with a 'send-off bash'

FrontierVille Save the Children Pioneer Trail
FrontierVille Save the Children Pioneer Trail

Unfortunately, this isn't a confirmation that the expansion to FrontierVille is coming tomorrow. However, it appears that good-byes will be in order when Zynga releases Pioneer Trail to the masses. According to a Facebook post, the company will throw a community send-off event that, once the goal is reached, will unlock Pioneer Trail for everyone and send $200 thousand to Save the Children, a long-time Zynga beneficiary . Here are Zynga's words from the Facebook News Feed post:

We're about to throw a Pioneer Trail send-off bash and it'll take a lot of work (oh, about a Billion Golden Hammers' worth) from y'all to get ready for it! Once accomplished we'll donate $200,000 to Save the Children and unlock Pioneer Trail!

It's already been rumored that this FrontierVille expansion will be a brand new app rather than an extension of the original game, far different from FarmVille English Countryside. If it is indeed true, we still don't know how our experience, money, belongings, family and friends will play into this new adventure. Regardless, you'll be the first to know--well, right after we do, of course.

[Image Credit: Zynga]

Have you seen what Zynga has been teasing about the Pioneer Trail? What else do you expect from the new expansion, and how do you think it being presented as a new app will change things? Share with us in the comments. Add Comment.