Zynga releases one stinker of a CityVille building, the Community Pool

CityVille Community Pool
CityVille Community Pool

So, Zynga released an exciting new building in CityVille, but I wouldn't recommend buying it. The Community Pool is a minor community building with a major price. (It still even has special building materials!) And the players in the CityVille forums are not pleased. And rightfully so--look at the stats on this thing:

Community Pool:

  • Cost: 150,000 Coins

  • Population Increase: 200

  • Size: 4 x 4

  • Energy required: 13

Notice anything ... odd about the price of this building? If you've seen anything else weird other than the fact that the price is completely disproportionate to the Population it provides, please let us know. But here's the clincher: It even requires building materials after you spend 13 Energy to construct it:

  • 8× Sunscreen

  • 8× Chlorine Bottle

  • 8× Cement

  • 8× Tiles

  • 8× Flip Flops

CityVille Community Pool in-game
CityVille Community Pool in-game

Are you starting to realize how poor of an investment this would be? Requests, Energy and lots of cash wasted on a building that provides a measly 200 Population? (And it's collection bonuses aren't even special?) We'll pass, guys, thanks. Well, at least until some simple adjustments are made. It's a shame too--an adorable little piece of game art, no?

[Image Credit: Zynga]

Do you still plan on buying the Community Pool? (Why?!) What do you think of Zynga releasing such an item to the game, and do you think it will be fixed? Sound off in the comments. Add Comment.