TripAdvisor Purchases Where I've Been Before Spinning Off Expedia

TripAdvisor has purchased Where I've Been, a popular Facebook application that allows users to highlight a world map, displaying where they've been, where they've lived and where they'd like to go.

According to the Wall Street Journal blog All Things D, the app's popularity has dwindled since it arrived on the scene early and garnered a lot of interest: Over a million monthly users has dwindled down to 70,000 monthly users.

TripAdvisor, which currently boasts it's place as the world's largest travel site, plans to spin off from owner Expedia in the third quarter of this year, becoming its own private company.

TripAdvisor will take several other sites with it when it steps out from under the Expedia umbrella, including, and

TripAdvisor is currently attracting some unwanted attention for publishing false or misleading reviews. The details of the company's agreement with Where I've Been were not released.

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