Singer Carnie Wilson Could Lose House to Foreclosure

Carnie Wilson

carnie wilsonWell we know where Carnie Wilson's check for a cameo role in the hit "Bridesmaids" didn't go: to pay her mortgage. Wilson has until July 21 before the bank sells her Los Angeles home out from under her, according to public records. She owes $1.6 million on her property plus late fees and penalties.

The Wilson Phillips singer is Beach Boy Brian Wilson's daughter and a favorite target of talk show loudmouth Howard Stern, primarily over her fight with obesity. Wilson had a much publicized to-do when as a spokeswoman for Fresh Diet she actually gained weight. The company said that she failed to follow the diet as directed.

Wilson Phillips, which recently performed during the wedding scene in "Bridesmaids," sold more than 10 million albums before they broke up in 1993.

The 4,500-square-foot Tarzana home she defaulted on was originally purchased by Wilson and her husband, Robert Bonfiglio, in January 2004. A notice of default against the property was issued on Jan. 28 of this year and the notice of trustee's sale recorded on April 29. Public records show it was for sale at about $1.5 million last year, and at one point had a buyer on the hook and was seeking a back up offer.

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