FrontierVille Pioneer Trail Sneak Peek: Use TNT to blast your way through Avalanche Pass


TNT and snow-covered mountains? That doesn't sound like a very safe combination, but apparently we'll need to live dangerously in FrontierVille's upcoming Pioneer Trail expansion. Via a new fan page post, Zynga has revealed that while in Avalanche Pass, we'll need to use a "big blast of TNT" to make our way through the mountain. We'll likely either have to ask friends for the explosives, or perhaps craft them along the way; that particular detail wasn't revealed. Here's the full blurb:

When you hit the Pioneer Trail in the next few weeks, you're sure to have a blast on the Avalanche Pass! In fact, a big blast of TNT may be the only way through the mountain! So keep yer friends close and yer stash of explosives even closer!

This would apparently explain the need for shovels that we were warned about in a previous sneak peek. Could it be that we'll become buried under an avalanche caused by our TNT blast? Will we have to ask our friends to frantically dig us out before it's too late? Or, could this all be much more casual, asking us to simply dig our way closer to the rock before setting off the blast? Either way, the plot continues to thicken here in the world of Pioneer Trail speculation (including that mention of "in the next few weeks"), but we'll make sure to clear everything up for you (including whether or not the Pioneer Trail is an entirely new app) just as soon as we know more.

What do you make of this latest sneak peek? Do you think the dynamite blast will deal more with asking friends for items or crafting them yourself? Sound off in the comments.

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