FarmVille Summer Items: Flamingo, Snow Cone Stand, Backyard Fort and more


With the heat outside blazing, Zynga has turned up the temperature in FarmVille as well, by releasing even more items in the current Summer limited edition item theme. This update isn't a large one, but there are some fun items here, including one that's available for coins that I can easily assume most farmers will want to pick up. As usual, here's a complete rundown of the items.


Flamingo - 16 Farm Cash
Spider Monkey - 18 Farm Cash

If these items look familiar, they should, as they were both released last year (the Flamingo came in the 2010 Summer event, while the Spider Monkey was released in the Island theme). The prices haven't changed here, thankfully.


Snow Cone Stand - 200,000 coins
Backyard Fort - 30 Farm Cash

The Snow Cone Stand (pictured) has to be one of the cutest buildings I can personally remember seeing in the game, and its fairly low coin price point makes it even better. It should be noted that this building is designed with a bit of sand sitting around its base, so if you don't have your farm laid out with sand currently, it will show up on a green/white background. As for the Backyard Fort, this is another re-release, first launching in the Summer theme last August.


Mt. Waterfall - 30 Farm Cash
Bamboo Fence - 5,500 coins
Beach Tent - 80,000 coins
Bouncing Castle - 32 Farm Cash

Yet again, this set of items is full of re-releases, as the only entirely new item is the Beach Tent. The other items were seen across the Summer and Island events from last year. Either way, these items are incredibly cute, so if you didn't have a chance to pick them up last year, make sure to take a look at them now.

All of these items will be available in the game for the next two weeks. Could this smaller update mean that the Summer theme has once again come to an end in FarmVille, or is this just a smaller update leading into something bigger? We'll make sure to let you know as we know more.

Have you been keeping up with these Summer-themed items? What do you think of the new Beach Tent? Are there any items from previous themes that you hope make reapperances here? Sound off in the comments.