FarmVille Spain Items: Andalusian Horse, Spanish Farmhouse, Outdoor Cafe and more

Are you ready to travel to Spain, farmers? Now you can! Well, not literally (sorry), but at least virtually on your FarmVille farm! Tonight's FarmVille update sees the launch of a new Spain limited edition item theme, full of not only new trees (ok, re-released trees), but also new animals, building and decorations. I'm sure buying these virtual items won't be nearly as exciting as actually traveling to Spain in the real world, but they can sure help to pass the time! Here's what's available:


Galician Blond Cow - 16 Farm Cash
Andalusian Horse - 18 Farm Cash

If you're thinking "Wow, those prices are low for cows and horses!" you're right. Both of these animals are on sale for a limited time, with their eventual purchase price being 26 Farm Cash each. Of course, for either animal you also have the chance for breeding, if that at all increases your desire to make a purchase.


Spanish Farmhouse - 14 Farm Cash
Spanish Home - 350,000 coins

Like the animals above, the Farmhouse is also on sale, so you'll want to purchase one now before the price jumps up to 25 Farm Cash at a later date.


Thyme Flowerbed - 7,000 coins
Outdoor Cafe - 100,000 coins
Red Carnation - 7,000 coins

While it's great to see only coin items available, the selection here is rather small. It should also be noted that the Thyme Flowerbed and Red Carnation are rather small items, being the size of about a large planter, so you'd likely need to buy more than one to really make a statement on your farm.

Unfortunately, there just weren't that many items released in tonight's update, but that makes me think that more (many more) will likely be coming in the future. It's not like Zynga to release so small a theme without following up afterwards, and we'll make sure to let you know if they carry on with that tradition later this week.
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