FarmVille Mystery Game (07/10/11): FarmVille goes to South America


It's Sunday farmers, which means that another round of the FarmVille Mystery Game has gone live in the store. This week's theme is South America, and it costs 20 Farm Cash per dart to play. That's up from the "normal" price of 16 Farm Cash, but with both animals and decorations being up for grabs here, I doubt that will alter sales.

Be extra careful this week, farmers, as not all of these items are new, so you very well may end up with a duplicate item if you're a frequent Mystery Game player. Here's what's available:

Andean Bear Cub
Andean Cat
Pygmy Owls (the cactus)
Gold Lion Tamarin
Maned Wolf
Spotted Owl

As usual, this week's Mystery Game will only be available for exactly that - a week. Hopefully, next week's box will include six all-new items, regardless of the theme, but we'll make sure to let you know either way if it does.

Do you already have the re-released items from this week's Mystery Game? Will you take your chances and purchase a dart? Which item are you hoping for? Let us know in the comments.