CityVille Sneak Peek: Rest your head in a Hotel, coming soon


Do you remember how big of a deal Cruise Ships were in CityVille when they first launched? Yeah, whatever happened to those? This seemingly abandoned feature will apparently be given new life in the future, however, as Zynga has posted a sneak peek of a new Hotel feature that will apparently incorporate them. The details of how and when this will happen are still up in the air, but we do know that we'll need to start collecting Sunglasses and finishing the construction on our Cruise Port to have a chance of keeping up.

In the meantime, let's speculate. If Cruise Ships themselves were supposed to increase the amount of tourists in our city (and therefore speed up our Businesses), could these Hotels mean that the speed increase could last longer, as tourists have a place to stay? Perhaps we'll need to collect special items like toiletries and towels to stock each hotel room to receive extra bonuses? It's a shame that so many details are unknown right now, as I honestly think this could have a lot of promise. Let's just hope Zynga doesn't force us to rely on City Cash and excessive friend requests when details do finally come to light.

What do you think the Hotel feature will entail? Do you think it will just be another Community Building, or will this be an ongoing event? Speculate with us in the comments.