CityVille Cheats and Tips: Meet the Rocket Ship Ride, the best business

Rocket Ship Ride
Rocket Ship Ride

Well, now it is the best, at least. As a result of the brand new Street Carnival Goals in CityVille, the infamous Tower Eats--and its enormous Franchise building--is no longer the best business in the game. If you can collect 400 Tickets from your recently-constructed Ticket Booth before the Summer Carnival is through, you can enjoy a Business with these stats:

Rocket Ship Ride:

  • Cost: 400 Tickets (or 360 City Cash)

  • Size: 4 x 4

  • Consumes: 500 Goods

  • Pays: 2,800 Coins

  • Efficiency: 5.6 Coins per Good

Considering the building costs no Coins whatsoever, the Rocket Ship Ride is hands-down the most efficient Business in the game. (Though, you could always pay up a bit less than $54, if you're feeling impatient ... and rich.) However, it cannot be franchised. Luckily, it can get boosted out the wazoo with decorations like any other Business. Let's look at the Tower Eats for comparison's sake:

Rocket Ship Ride
Tower Eats

Tower Eats:

  • Cost: 1 million Coins

  • Size: 4 x 4

  • Consumes: 165 Goods

  • Pays; 900 Coins

  • Efficiency: 5.46 Coins per Good

It looks like the Tower Eats just got beat by a freebie, if nearly unobtainable, Business. Honestly, it would be in your best interest to strive for picking up this Business immediately, if you're the type who digs that sort of min-max play style. Even if not, this Business would be a boon to any player's city. Unfortunately, collecting from the Ticket Booth and asking friends are the only ways to find the Tickets, so set that new 18-hour phone alarm and start beggin'.

[Source: CityVille Wiki]

[Image Credit: awsma6]

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