Best Things to Buy in July

WoodardAh, the joys of July, a month associated with TV reruns and lazy summer days -- but not necessarily great sales.

Still, there are deals to be had this month on a very random mix of products. Here are a few you might want to try to scoop up while the getting's good:


Computer sales are generally slow in June and July, says Brad Wilson, founder and editor-in-chief of, "[so] right now, that means good deals, whereas August pricing can be stingy." If you're in the market for a computer, hit stores now instead of waiting until the back-to-school season goes into overdrive and demand -- and prices -- pick up.Bacon

If you're a bacon maniac, now's the time to stock up. "Since the cost of feed has risen recently, the U.S. Department of Agriculture has predicted that meat prices in general will increase this year," says Lindsay Sakraida, a features director with, which recently analyzed what not to buy in July.

Bacon-lovers in particular are going to feel the burn -- experts believe prices could reach as high as $6 per pound later this summer, Sakraida added. "Those who simply can't live without it should stock up now -- it freezes really well --while the price hovers below that top mark," Sakraida says.


This is the month to get your bling on. In July, online retailers drop the price of jewelry as much as 48% off, according to, the free online personal shopper for designer clothing and accessories, which analyzed more than 11 million women's products that were marked down online between April 1, 2010, and March 21, 2011.


Does the thought of buying a sweater now make you feel, well, sweaty? Don't let that thought put you off. July is the optimum month to nab bargain sweaters online, when you can expect markdowns of up to 54% off the full price, reports.


'Tis the season for outerwear, too. According to, you'll find online discounts of as much as 53% on all manner of coats this month.

Summer Fashions

Although summer's now is high gear, stores are starting to look ahead to fall and wanting to purge their racks of summer's "hot" looks. So now's the time to snatch up summer fashions at bargain prices.

"Summer apparel demand is on the decline, so prices have dropped, even though there are at least two months of warm weather left," says Wilson. You can grab greatly discounts for this year -- or next.

Outdoor Furniture

Just as you'll find the best deals on shorts and t-shirts at the height of summer, Wilson says, "the same is true of outdoor furniture." Despite the fact that summer isn't officially over until late September, stores are "over" summer goods and are slashing prices to get them out the door.

And Sakraida agrees. "We saw excellent sales for patio furniture last July, including a sale at Home Depot that took an extra 50% off, on top of existing discounts, during checkout," she says.

Happy bargain hunting!
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