Angry Birds Cheats and Tips: 'Like' it on Facebook, win three free levels

Angry Birds Facebook Levels
Angry Birds Facebook Levels

As if we had to ask. (We'd hope not with over 200 million downloads.) So, if you really like the Angry Birds, here's a way to squeeze three more levels out of your bird-flinging addiction. Rovio seems have included an Easter egg of sorts in the game that, when you 'Like' the official Angry Birds Facebook page after a certain point you will unlock semi-secret content. So, here's how to get three more puzzles, thanks to Social Times:

  • Swipe ahead to "Ham 'Em High" (Scene 5)

  • Gesture as far to the right as possible.

  • Tap the Facebook symbol.

  • If you have a Facebook account, sign in to it.

  • From with Angry Birds, "Like" the game (Rovio steps you through this process).

The three new puzzles can be played immediately, and you should probably expect them to be more challenging than your standard levels considering the lengths they take to unlock.

Angry Birds Facebook level gameplay
Angry Birds Facebook level gameplay

And while Social Times reports that you must complete all the puzzles in the Ham 'Em High Scene, all you need to do is skip over these stages and simply press that 'Like' button. The levels keep the western theme of this collection, but look considerably more complex, so enjoy the infuriating difficulty challenge.

Have you already tried these levels before or since reading about them here? What did you think of them compared to other puzzles, and what other semi-secret levels have you found? Sound off in the comments. Add Comment.