FarmVille: Login now for your free Red Duckling


In an odd update, Zynga has decided to offer all FarmVille players a free Red Duckling simply for logging into their farms today. This Red Duckling appears first thing when you login, and you're given the option to place it on your farm right then and there. Of course, you'll still have to grow this Duckling by asking your friends to help you out, so if you're not quite ready for that, just click on the Multi-Tool in the bottom right corner of the screen to jump out of Placement Mode.

With the Duckling now in your inventory, you can either save it and place it at a later date, or sell it for a few coins if you're not interested. Perhaps I'm not the only farmer that's wondering this, but just why did Zynga release a free Duckling today? It's been a while since the Red Duckling was first launched, so could this perhaps be a wait to give us a hint that something Duck-themed is coming in the future? Perhaps it was all just coincidental, but either way, we'll make sure to stay on top of things and let you know if anything else comes from this release.

Will you take the time to grow your Red Duckling to an adult on your farm? Do you think this was all just a good gesture from Zynga, or does it mean something else is coming? Speculate with us in the comments.