FarmVille: Beach Ball Craftshop recipe can now be mastered, so craft them quick


As if we didn't already have enough incentive to craft tons of Beach Balls in our FarmVille Craftshops (remember, Beach Balls are one of the collectible items for the new Sand Castle event, which allow you to earn new exclusive decorations), there's now even more. Now, the Beach Ball recipe is masterable.

While crafting the Beach Ball recipe is still entirely voluntary, those going for that elusive mastery sign will find that they'll receive the first star of mastery after crafting a Beach Ball 10 times. Each Beach Ball costs two Tomato, two Cranberry and one Grape Bushel, but you can always gather those from friends (where applicable), if you don't want to spend time growing those three crops for Bushels yourself.

As the Sand Castle event will only be around for a limited time, it's presumable that the time limit for earning Beach Ball mastery points is also limited. Start crafting now to have your best chance at this exclusive mastery sign.

Will you work to master the Beach Ball recipe before it expires from the game's Craftshop? How many points have you accumulated towards mastering it so far? Do you like being able to craft Sand Castle collectibles, or would you rather simply ask your friends to send them to you? Sound off in the comments.