Empires & Allies Cheats and Tips: Store military units for later use


If you're the kind of Empires & Allies player that constantly has troops being manufactured in your Barracks, Hangers or Shipyards, but you're running out of space on your land to place those new units, did you know you could actually store them for future use? With losing troops being a real possibility in failed story battles or invasion attempts, it's nice to have an adequate supply of backup units that can protect your island(s) while you're away.

Lose a Battleship while fighting Kai Tana? Just pull one out of your inventory to replace it. Sound like a pretty nice setup, right? Here's how to do it.

1. Construct a unit as normal in any of your buildings (Shipyard, Barracks, Hangers)
2. After construction has been finished, click on the building to go into placement mode for that unit
3. Instead of clicking on your land to place the unit, click on the red "X" in the bottom right-hand corner of the game's screen. Since you can't put the unit back into its building, it will automatically pop into your inventory instead.

When you want to get a unit back out again, just go into your inventory, and browse the Land, Sea, and Air tabs, pulling out units as needed.

These simple steps will allow you to stockpile units of all shapes and sizes, without having to worry about taking up precious land or water space. Unfortunately, the same doesn't work for already placed units, as clicking the red X will simply pop them back to the location from where you picked them up. Still, wouldn't you rather have too many units, instead of not enough? Follow these tips and you'll have an army worth being proud of in no time!

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Did you know you could store military units? Will you use these tips to form a larger army of units in your game? Let us know in the comments.