Sharks Bring Tourists to Cape Cod: We're Going to Need a Bigger Bus

Shark tourism is taking off on Cape Cod, where three Great Whites are bringing in crowds of visitors eager to get a glimpse of something ominous.

Sharks are nothing new off Cape Cod, where they summer along with thousands of New Englanders. New England Cable News reports that the sharks are being attracted by a bumper crop of seals near the beaches.

Back in town, it all seems to be about the bumper crop of sales. Store owners have taken to selling shark-themed everything, from bottle openers to swim toys. Eventually a storekeeper will probably strike it rich after figuring out how to make a shark-themed Red Sox hat.

The downside of the shark tourism phenomenon is that it illustrates a fundamental problem with the premise of the movie "Jaws," in which the mayor of a small town doesn't want to admit there is a man-eater in the water for fear of scaring away summer crowds. Roy Schneider could have apparently saved a lot of energy if he'd just known more about marketing.

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