Health Insurance's New Sex Appeal


Health insurance is the new babe magnet -- so says a national survey of college students and graduates from Kelton Research and sponsored by Ninety percent of surveyed students and 93% of recent grads said that knowing a potential significant other has health insurance would make him or her more attractive.

These days, sexy isn't just about the sports car or the long, flowing hair.

The survey found that students are not just talking the talk, but willing to change their lifestyles and sacrifice some of their favorite past times to secure health insurance. Nearly 70% said they would give up a weekly night out a restaurant in order to obtain coverage, and 70% said they would be willing to give up weekly jaunts to the cinema. They aren't ready to give up everything though. Only about 50% percent were willing to give up that daily cup of joe in order to pay for health coverage.

And surprise, surprise, nearly 20% of those independence loving students said they were even willing to let their parents make all their financial decisions for a year if it meant obtaining health insurance coverage.

To show just how much props they give health insurance coverage, students and grads said that if they didn't have health insurance, they would be less likely to start a family, ride a motorcycle, travel to a foreign country, play extreme sports or have sex on a first date.

Maybe the youth aren't so foolish after all.