FrontierVille Beastly 41 x 41 Expansion Goals: Everything you need to know


In what could be one of the slowest rollouts in FrontierVille history, Zynga has announced that they have started releasing the Beastly 41 x 41 Expansion goals to users. A word of warning: If you appreciated the last expansion for giving us a bit of a break in terms of difficulty, you likely won't be so pleased this time around. Even if you don't have these Goals on your land yet (remember to look out for the pop-up that will allow you to purchase them), it never hurts to be prepared. Here's a full guide to these five new goals.

Get Beastly!

Harvest 100 Apricot Trees
Craft 10 Powder Kegs in the Foundry
Collect 15 Scouting Permits

This goal isn't terrible, I suppose. Just remember that if you're avoiding the Canning Master goals to craft each Powder Keg separately, as to not let your amount of FIre in your inventory exceed 15 (the requirement for the second goal in that series). Finish this first goal, and you'll receive 250 XP, one Spring Water (for growing the new varieties of trees) and 200 coins.

Not Groundhog Day

Fire the Groundhog Cannon 10 Times
Harvest 200 Peas
Collect 20 Shake 'n Bacon Packets

Here's where things get a little more complicated, or, at the very least time consuming. Peas, for one, take a full two days to grow (unless you use boosts), and there's no guarantee you'll receive 10 Groundhogs from harvesting them. At least you've already crafted the Powder Kegs necessary to fire the cannon that many times, but again, it all depends on if you can get lucky in drawing out Groundhogs in the first place (I know I haven't seen one on my land in over a week). Meanwhile, just ask your friends to send you the Shake 'n Bacon Packets and you'll finish this one. The prize? 500 XP, a Groundhog Roast decoration and 500 coins.

Beastly Energy

Buy 15 Lunches
Sell 50 Adult Ducks
Clear 20 Debris on your Homestead

Each Duck costs 261 coins (with the discount) in the game's store, and some stages can only be fed once every three and a half hours. Sure, if you already have 50 Adult Ducks, this will go by like a breeze, but starting from scratch will be time-consuming indeed. My suggestion? Start feeding them now even if you don't have the goals on your land to at least get a head-start. For completing this goal, you'll receive a Varmint Surprise, 500 XP and 500 coins.

Bad News Varmints

Clobber 10 Bears
Chop 100 Neighbor Trees
Collect 25 Bear Traps

Here's another time-consuming goal (unless, of course, you save up your trees for such Bear requirements). Just remember, your only 100% guarantee to receive a Bear is when chopping down fully grown trees, so make sure to check your inventory for any stray trees that can be planted (they've been given away as quest rewards in the past). Finish this one and you'll earn 750 XP, a Bear Claw (part of the Bear Collection rewarding an Animal Ready Boost) and 750 coins.

Beastly Homestead

Craft 10 Cakes in the Inn
Collect 4 Daily Bonuses from the Land Office
Harvest 300 Cotton

Cotton takes three days to grow, so you might plant some now, add some Wither protection, and wait for this goal to arrive (the same thing goes with the Peas above, if you have room to plant them). Meanwhile, Cakes are crafted using two Fire and four Batter each, which Batter coming from 20 Food and 900 coins (also in the Inn). Finally, if you're impatient, remember that Red Eye drinks in the Saloon allow you to collect Daily Bonuses multiple times in a day. For finishing this final goal, you'll receive a Cast Iron Bear, 1500 XP and 1500 coins.

With these goals out of the way, you can then head into the Land Office, purchase some Land Grants, and make your new expansion a reality. You'll receive a whopping ten (10!) Mystery Animal Crates for doing so, if that happens to give you more incentive to finish quickly (I know it does for me). Which animals will be inside? That's anyone's guess, but for now, let's just get through receiving these goals, shall we?

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Have you received the 41 x 41 Beastly Expansion goals on your Homestead? Do you think these goals are harder than those released in the past, or easier? Share your thoughts with us in the comments.

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