FarmVille: New Summer Mystery Box offers Rams and Boars


With this weekend being a 100% pattern inheritance weekend in FarmVille's Sheep and Pig Breeding features, now is the perfect time to purchase new Rams and Boars to add those patterns to your catalog. Isn't it convenient, then, that Zynga has released a new Summer-themed Mystery Box in the game containing just that: Rams and Boars.

A single Summer Mystery Box can be purchased from the store for 25 Farm Cash. There's currently no time limit on it (even though it does clearly say it's part of the Summer theme), so you might have a bit of time to save up those Farm Cash if you don't have them on hand currently. Either way, each box comes with one of six animals, but there's no way to tell whether you'll get a Ram or Boar (which would matter, of course, if you don't actively breed both). Here's what's available:

Candycane Ram
Masked Ram
Purple Stars Ram
Candycane Boar
Leopard Brown Boar
Yellow Spots Boar

Yes, you're reading that correctly, this box contains a Candycane Boar, which can currently be purchased for 5 Farm Cash less in the game's store. However, since there have been two versions of this animal released - one in color-changing red and white [pictured] and another in blue and green - it's possible that you may have a chance at either. We're looking to confirm that. Still, even if you choose to negate that animal from the wanted possibilities here, there are still some fun patterns to be had, the stars and leopard prints being my two personal favorites.