FarmVille: Boer Goat available as free gift for a limited time


If you're new to FarmVille, or know someone who is, you may not have any Boer Goats on your land. This animal was first launched in 2010 as an adoptable animal, and has gone through short periods of re-releases since. Such is the case today, as the Boer Goat has been re-released as a free gift, but only for a limited time.

The Boer Goat can be found on the free gifts page, and sent like any other item. You can add the animal to your "Wishlist," should you wish to post a news feed item directly to your friends, letting them know you want one, or you can do the gifting to new players, or anyone you know that's an animal collector. Remember, the time limits for these limited time free gifts are unknown, so if you want a chance to send (or receive) one of these cute little animals, do it fast.

Do you already have plenty of Boer Goats on your farm, or are you taking this chance to stock up on some? Are there any animals you would like to see re-released as free gifts? Let us know in the comments.