FarmVille: Yellow Sow now available through Animal Feed Trough


Farmers, I have a confession to make. I'm not the biggest fan of the Animal Feed Trough in FarmVille. There, I said it. I can take only so many Poncho Llamas and Baby Elephants before I go out of my mind, but luckily, Zynga looks to be trying to rejuvenate the feature by adding a new animal for "discovery." You can now find a Yellow Sow in the Feed Trough, so long as you always keep your feed level at 20 and hope for the best.

As usual, the animal you'll find is random, but if you're a Pig Breeder, this is actually a really great animal to find, as it will add this pale yellow color to your breeding catalog, so that you can pass it on to Piglets with patterns... Well, again, if you're lucky. Hopefully, if enough users start using their Feed Troughs again, Zynga will take it as a hint to add more new animals, and we'll make sure to let you know if they do.

Have you given up on your Feed Trough? How many animals is "too many?" Will you start using the feature again to try and find one of these new Sows? Sound off in the comments.