FarmVille: 100% pattern inheritance back on; breed like mad while you can


This weekend marks another glorious occasion for FarmVille pig and sheep breeders: According to the FarmVille fan page, 100% pattern inheritance has been turned back on in the game, but only until the end of the day on July 10 (that's tomorrow) - specifically at 9:00 PM PDT. As a refresher, this means that absolutely any possible breeding pair you put together with either pigs or sheep will automatically have the father's pattern, regardless of what the pattern is.

Want a dozen flashing star sheep? So long as you have one Ram with that pattern, you can have them, along with the thousands of other color and pattern combinations available. The same goes for Pigs, which means that while this might be a great feature for those that routinely save up their Love Potions and Bottles, if you don't, you'd want to hurry and ask your friends to send you as many as they can while there's still time.

If you've ever complained about receiving a plain white sheep when breeding, now is your chance to make up for it. Don't wait until it's too late; start breeding right now!

What kinds of sheep do you plan on breeding during this 100% pattern inheritance weekend? Let us know in the comments.