Office Humor: Prison Director Gets Inmates on Their Feet [Video]

Mention the words "maximum security prison" to most people and they visualize harsh lighting, orange jumpsuits and strict guards. The Cebu Provincial Detention and Rehabilitation Center (CPDRC) in the Philippines is indeed a maximum security facility, but with a twist.

CPDRC Director Byron Garcia wanted to add an exercise program for his convicted murderers, rapists and drug dealers -- with the intent of introducing a new form of discipline to their days. Garcia, the inmates' "boss," if you will, established a daily marching/dance program. His efforts have been met with success, as up to 1,500 inmates participate (voluntarily) with frequency.

"It was a marvelous show of discipline. If only they had practiced that (discipline) in their lives, they wouldn't be here," claimed Cardinal Archbishop Ricardo Vidal, after witnessing a performance. These performances, by the way, are open to the public at the wish of Garcia.

Says Garcia, "If prisoners are healed while in prison, then we make them better persons when they are released and stay away from crime."

Check out more of the CPDRC's dancing inmates at Garcia's YouTube page.

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