House of the Day: A Modern Castle Wired for a King


Blending the medieval with the modern, this $2.75 million home in the St. Louis suburb of Wildwood, Mo., resembles a straight-up castle. But it offers residents a rich array of modern amenities and spares them the once-a-month bathers. Gaze at its regal limestone exterior, slate roofing, spires and rampart-like balcony, or enter through its bronze door to enjoy its majestic promenade. Pass through limestone arched doorways, wind your way up its spiral staircase, then stroll a column-supported second-story walkway.

This lordly manor only lets you linger in the past for so long, however: State-of-the-art appliances and technologies infuse the premises with modern luxury. Vantage "scene" lighting, plasma TVs, fiber-optic "starfield" ceilings and a movie theater replete with motorized chairs are some examples of its techno-flair. Watch "Lord of the Rings" on a big screen with Surround Sound, then reenact it -- you pretty much live on set.

Louise Donovan of Coldwell Banker has the listing.

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