FrontierVille Wedding Goals: Everything you need to know

FrontierVille Wedding Goals
FrontierVille Wedding Goals

The big day has finally arrived for Hank and Fanny in FrontierVille--it's time for this unlikely couple to make their vows. In the long-awaited Wedding Goals series, you must help this lovestruck couple prepare for the ceremony across six Goals. However, there are several additional tasks to these Goals you must complete before Hank and Fanny finally cut the cake. (With that dagger? Ew.) Without further ado, let's get this wedding started.

Hank and Fanny Get Hitched
Hank and Fanny Get Hitched

1. Preparing the Chapel

  • Prepare to host Wedding by upgrading Chapel

  • Harvest 20 Cherry Trees

  • Place 2 Bottles of Sparkling Wine

First and foremost, you must upgrade the Chapel to be sufficient for the ensuing ceremony. Once that's completed, harvest 20 Cherry Trees, which cost 620 Coins and take three tends to grow into adults. (Pro Tip: Harvesting Sour Cherry trees will not count toward this total). To grab the Sparkling Wine, you must ask for presents from within the Wedding Market inside the Wedding Wagon--each Sparkling Wine 10 Presents. Complete these requirements for 500 XP and a Cameo Choker.

2. A Request from the Family

  • Tend 30 Apricot Trees

  • Customize Fanny's Wedding Dress

  • Collect 10 Skeins of French Lace

Tending 30 Apricot Trees would cost a fortune if bought outright, so just buy a few and take things slow, unless of course you're rolling in Coins. To customize Fanny's Wedding Dress, you'll have to do so in the Wedding Wagon, following the hints and clues. Collecting 10 Skeins is as easy as pressing that "Ask Friends" button. Once you finish these tasks, 1,000 XP, Wedding Vows and one Blue Ribbon are yours.

3. Get The Young'ins Ready

  • Harvest 30 Pink Roses

  • Have or Collect 2 Downy Feathers

  • Exchange 10 Wedding Favors with friends

Harvesting 30 Pink Roses will cost you 9,000 Coins and take at least 14 hours if planted all at once. The Downy Feathers are your reward for completing the Chicken Collection, so get to playing with those Chickens, and fast. The Wedding Favors look to be an item that you'll request from your friends within the Wedding Market. For these daunting tasks, you'll receive 1,500 XP and 1,000 Coins. And after completing this third Goal, the following cut scene will appear:

Wedding cutscene
Wedding cutscene

4. Got Cake?

  • Harvest 20 Wheat

  • Make the Wedding Cake

  • Try a Wedding Cake Slice for a sugar rush

Finish your Wedding Cake
Finish your Wedding Cake

To harvest the 20 Wheat, you'll need 7,300 Coins and at least 24 hours time. Then, you must find and build the Wedding Cake from the Wedding Wagon in a process much similar to the Gingerbread House that Zynga released over the winter. After it's finished, you'll have to click on it and choose "Eat and Share Cake."

The slice of cake will appear in your Gift Box, and eating it will fulfill the sugar rush requirement. For finishing this Goal, 750 XP and one Garter are yours to keep. (Well, until that gets used in the Wedding Dress.)

5. The Officiate

  • Place 4 Petal Baskets

  • Tend 30 Pigs on your Homestead

  • Clear 10 Debris on Your Homestead

The four Petal Baskets can be found in the Wedding Market for 10 Presents each, so get to requestin'. Tending to 30 Pigs could cost you up to 10,950 Coins if you're impatient, so try to exercise some restraint. After clearing 10 debris from the Homestead, enjoy 1,000 extra XP and Hank's "Find Jacques" requirement fulfilled.

6. The Wedding

  • Host the Wedding Ceremony

  • Visit 8 Neighbors to spread the news

By this time, you should have completed all the requirements to host the Wedding, so just click on the upgraded Chapel and choose "Host Wedding," and watch the cut scene unfold. (Spoiler: Hank and Fanny smooch before hopping into the Inn--ooooh-lala!) Then, just visit eight friends to receive a whopping 2,000 XP and 250 Food. Congratulations! You just finished probably the most complex Goals in FrontierVille history.

Wedding cutscene 2
Wedding cutscene 2

[Source and Image Credit: Zynga]

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