FrontierVille: Collect more Wedding Presents to buy new themed goodies


If you've already found yourself once again caught up in the hub-bub of Fanny and Hank's wedding in FrontierVille (via the new Getting Hitched Wedding Goals), don't forget that there is still plenty of decorating to be done via items available for purchase in the Wedding Wagon's Market. In fact, with today's update, all new items have been added for purchase, including new decorations, animals, outfits and hats. Unfortunately, some of these outfit items cost Horseshoes.

Additionally, some of these items seem a bit too expensive for their size, but at least your supply of Wedding Gifts is never-ending (and can be entirely free). Remember, you can just ask your friends to send you some, wait a few hours, and then repeat the process all over again. Once you've collected enough, here's what's available for your next shopping spree:


Chiavani Chair - 3 Presents
Dance Floor - 4 Presents
Petal Basket - 10 Presents
Love Potion - 10 Presents
Sparkling Wine - 10 Presents
Podium - 12 Presents
Guests Table - 25 Presents
White Doves - 35 Presents
Confetti Cannon - 35 Presents
Romantic Arbor - 35 Presents
Chocolate Fountain - 40 Presents
Just Hitched Cart - 50 Presents


Ring Turtle - 40 Presents
Spiffy Chicken - 42 Presents
Gussied Up Goose - 42 Presents
Bartender Alpaca - 50 Presents


White Tuxedo - 27 Horseshoes
Black, Blue, Green, Orange, Pink, Violet, or Yellow vested Tuxedos - 40 Presents each
Orange or Violet Frilly Dress - 50 Presents each
White Frilly Dress - 44 Horseshoes
Blue Classic Dress - 60 Presents
Black or White Classic Dress - 49 Horseshoes each
Yellow, Green or Pink Modern Dress - 65 Presents each
White Modern Dress - 49 Horseshoes


Wedding Tiary (available in five hair colors) - 60 Horseshoes
Wedding Veil (available in five hair colors) - 60 Horseshoes

As you can see, most of these items aren't cheap, and you'll need to ask for quite a few presents (ok, a ton) to even be able to afford just one of each of these items, even if you only purchased one clothing item for each gender! No one said marriages in the real world are cheap, and Zynga's keeping to that here. Luckily, none of these items currently have expiration dates in the store, so perhaps we'll have a chance to save up for all of them after all.

What do you think of this new wave of Wedding Market items? Will you purchase and entire barnyard of wedding party animals, or will you stick to creating a lovely reception area for Fanny and Hank's wedding with these decorations? Let us know in the comments.

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