FrontierVille Sneak Peek: Help a pregnant, injured rabbit and receive baby bunnies


Here's something that's sure to make you say "Awww" (heck, I'm still saying it). Apparently, a new injured critter will be coming to FrontierVille in the very near future, with this animal being in the form of an injured pregnant rabbit. For now, FrontierVille forums moderator Mizz Faith says the animal has yet to be rolled out to anyone, but we can see Carrot Juice we'll need to heal the poor thing in our markets (a single Carrot Juice costs 5 Horseshoes, while a pack of 10 costs 39 Horseshoes).

As for what the critter looks like, the folks at FrontierVille Express have dug up images. The bunny is downright adorable, as you can see at right, and is animated with a breathing movement that makes its belly super huge (after all, it is pregnant). Once you feed the rabbit 10 Carrot Juice, it will apparently pop out three new baby rabbits: one brown, one blue and one yellow.

It's also possible that we'll just receive one of these baby bunnies, as opposed to all three, so keep that in mind. Whatever the case, this is definitely an injured animal that I wouldn't mind having dozens of, if it meant having all of these baby bunnies hopping around my Homestead as well!

[Via and Image Credit: FrontierVille Express]

Once these rabbits and bunnies start appearing on your Homestead, make sure to let us know which of the three bunny colors you receive, if not all three. Are you excited to raise a group of bunnies on your Homestead? Sound off in the comments.