CityVille Street Carnival Prizes: Everything you need to know


If you're like most CityVille players, your last few days have probably been filled with requests for Carnival Tickets for the Street Carnival. Well, if you've already accumulated quite a sum, you'll be happy to know that you can now redeem those tickets for one of six prizes. First, though, you'll need to build the actual Street Carnival item in your town to have a place to redeem your tickets.

As we mentioned in our complete guide to the Street Carnival Goals, this Street Carnival can be built with six whacks, and requires no further construction after that (thank goodness). Simply clicking on the outdoor stage will then show you the Street Carnival prize menu, where you can not only ask for more tickets (and purchase ticket bundles for City Cash), but you can also redeem your tickets for themed goodies. Note: When you redeem your tickets for a prize, it will go into your inventory, rather than allowing you to immediately place it on your land.

Here's the complete rundown of prizes:

15 Tickets - Pretzel Stand - 1% bonus payout
50 Tickets - Ring Toss - 5% bonus payout
150 Tickets - Whack-a-Mole - 7% bonus payout
200 Tickets - Fun House - 240-480 population; rent is 20 coins every five minutes
250 Tickets - Fun Slide - Requires 300 Goods; payout is 1500 coins by default
400 Tickets - Rocket Ship Ride - Requires 500 Goods; payout is 2800 coins by default

As you can see, the prizes very quickly go from reasonable to extravagant in terms of their price, and if you'd like to have one of each, you'd better ask for lots of tickets, and ask for them often, to even stand a chance. We're not sure when this event will come to an end in the game, or if you'll be able to ask for tickets forever (a less likely outcome), so make sure to stock up on tickets now while you're guaranteed to be able to do so.

Which of these prizes are you most looking forward to adding to your town? Are any so expensive that you simply refuse to collect that many tickets? Sound off in the comments.