CityVille Street Carnival Goals: Everything you need to know


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Back at the end of the June, the Ticket Booth launched in CityVille in anticipation of the Street Carnival event that was then "coming soon." Well, today marks the launch of the Street Carnival, so all of your hard work collecting tickets is about to pay off. First though, there's a new series of Street Carnival Goals that will help introduce you to some of the new items released in the game's store to fit in with this event.

The first goal is called Step Right Up! and it asks you to first place the street carnival stage in your city and complete its construction. Unlike the Ticket Booth, this is actually a fairly large item, so you might have to throw something into storage to make room for it. From there, six whacks will see the item completely built. Shockingly enough, that's all you have to do for this first goal, so you'll receive a simple reward: the future ability to purchase the Water Gun Game from the store. The Water Gun Game costs 5,000 coins and offers a 4% bonus payout to surrounding items.

Goal two is called Prize Matters.

Have 15 Carnival Tickets
Buy and Place any item from the Carnival in your City
Get 10 Corn Dogs

It looks like the second task here actually requires you to purchase something with the Carnival Tickets you've been saving (the cheapest item costs 15 tickets, coincidentally enough), as simply purchasing the Water Gun Game from the store doesn't count. Meanwhile, you'll be able to post a general news feed post asking for the Corn Dogs. Finishing this goal rewards you with the Dunk Tank item.

Next comes Sweeten the Deal.

Collect from Burger Joint 8 Times
Supply Businesses 40 Times
Visit Neighbors to send tour buses
(the number of tour buses is unknown as of this writing)

For finishing this goal, you'll receive the store unlock of the Cotton Candy Stand, which is available to purchase for 500 coins. It adds a 1% bonus to nearby buildings.

Finally, the last goal of this series (currently) is called Stuffed Pigeons.

Harvest 40 Watermelons
Have 15 Fast Food Collection Items
Get 10 Bottles of Antacid

The final reward here is the Street Grill, which you'll unlock for purchase in the store. This business costs 5,000 coins and requires 120 Goods to operate. You'll receive 540 coins each time those Goods are used.

In addition to these quest rewards, there are two additional items available to purchase from the store: a Contest Hall Community Building that costs 6,000 coins and allows for 350 additional citizens to live in your town, and the Tea Cup Ride, a decoration that costs 20,000 coins, but offers a 24% bonus payout.

Remember, along with these goals and decorations, there's also a set of prizes able to be redeemed with your saved Carnival Tickets. This Street Carnival feature looks to be fairly expansive already, and we can't wait to see if it grows in the future!

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[Goals 3-4 via CityVille Goals]

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What do you think of the Street Carnival goals? Do you have enough room to build a complete Street Carnival area in your town? Let us know what you think of this event in the comments.