Cafe World Becky Barista Goals: Everything you need to know


With this week's launch of the Becky Barista and Beverly Bartender features in Cafe World, we always knew that there was a series of new goals to complete, but actually figuring out what those goals were, past the first goal, hasn't been a piece of cake. Does Becky have her own goal series, only for Beverly to be left out? Just what is going on here!? Luckily, the folks at Di's Mingle Network have been able to figure out what to expect, and it's actually a combination of the two girls in one oddly named goal series. Here's a complete guide.

Becky the Barista

Build your Coffee Machine
Hire Becky
Serve Jammin' Jelly Donuts 40 Times

As we told you in our hiring guide yesterday, you'll need to collect a series of ingredients to hire Becky at your Coffee Machine. Once that's done, you'll receive the Biscotti recipe for finishing this first entire goal.

Becky's First Day

Master 2 Specialty Coffees to Level 1
Ask for 10 Cups of All Purpose Flour
Ask for 10 Bottles of Vanilla Extract

Wouldn't you know it? More items must be gathered from friends. Shocking. That slight sarcasm aside, at least the methods here are the same: just ask your friends to send you these items, while brewing Becky's specialty coffees in the background, and you'll be able to eventually move on.

Beverly the Bartender

Master all Specialty Coffees to Level 1
Ask for 15 Unsalted Butter
Help Beverly get through Bartending School

Ah, see? Here's where Beverly comes in. Apparently, she things she can serve drinks faster than Becky, but we'll have to help her get through Bartending School before she can prove it. In comes another item collection task, similar to how you collected items to just hire Becky. I hope you have some patient friends who are willing to help you out. Finishing this goal will see you unlocking the Short Bread Cookies recipe.

The Bar Exam

Master 2 Juice Blends to Level 1
Ask for 15 Roasted Coffee Beans
Ask for 15 Cocoa Powder

Now that you've helped Beverly graduate, she's ready to work at your Drink Bar, and she's brought with her new specialty drinks. Master two of these to finish that particular task. Once this goal is complete, you'll receive the Coffee Cake recipe.

Sister Act

Master all Specialty Coffees to Level 2
Master all Juice Blends to Level 2
Ask for 15 Baby Carrots

If you're asking where the Carrots come from (I know they don't make much sense at first), they actually explain this final goal's prize: the Carrot Cake recipe. To earn it, though, you'll need to make sure to stay diligent about always having drinks to serve in your cafe, or both the Coffee and Juice varieties.

After finishing this goal series, it looks like things will have fallen into place in terms of automatically serving drinks. If you were hoping this would eliminate the need for brewing or creating drinks in goals, that's likely a false hope, but at least now, we won't have to spend time clicking on each individual guest to serve them as these girls can take care of that. I believe that's what they call a Silver Lining.

[Goals 2-5 via Di's Mingle Network]

What do you think of these completed Becky Barista and Beverly Bartender goals? Do you like the fact that these girls will save you from clicking to serve drinks manually, or do you think their perks aren't worth the work required to earn them? Share your thoughts in the comments.