Millionaire Boss: New Digital Chocolate game puts you in charge


Digital Chocolate have quite the growing arsenal of successful Facebook games, including Millionaire City, Zombie Lane, and Army Attack. A new title has just debuted and it just might be good enough to join them in their ranks. Millionaire Boss is a new office sim game along the familiar lines of Office Wars (a Broken Bulb Studios title that closed down in February) and Ponzi (which closed last summer).

In Millionaire Boss, you are in charge of running your own company. You place workdesks that are staffed with employees (your friends) and assign them tasks in order to earn money and XP. Building desks for Managers requires the help of your friends (or real money) but Managers improve the skills of all employees that are within their Influence (giving you more coins). Influence is indicated by a blue square around the Manager's desk while the desk is being placed. The goal of Millionaire Boss is then to increase the amount of employees you can have by purchasing "perks", staffing up the desks, and assigning jobs to your workers to bring in revenue and increase the size of your company. Decorations can also be added to bring in more money for each task.

Visiting friends is standard fare in Millionaire Boss. You can stop in to check out your friend's offices, and while there you can motivate up to 5 employees for some extra XP and money. Socially, there is one intriguing feature in Millionaire Boss. When you are choosing employees to work at your company, friends who don't already play Millionaire Boss are free to recruit, while friends who already play cost money to pick. This is one purely viral feature that might be an innovative way to keep Millionaire Boss growing in a crowded social game platform.

Millionaire Boss is an interesting little game, as instead of being all about a fantasy life it caters to real world scenarios. In the same way that Game Dev Story is a satirical piece about working in the video game industry, Millionaire Boss pokes fun at the corporate world. The game is also teasing the ability to own a mansion and a car, grow a family, and travel around the world. It could be that Millionaire Boss will be going head-to-head with EA's new Sims game that is coming soon.

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