Is Your Job Making You Fat? You Could Be the Next TV Reality Star

Is Your Job Making You Fat? Do you feel like your job in the food industry killing you, or at least sabotaging your efforts to stay fit? If so, you're not alone. Those who work around food have an especially tough time slimming down and staying fit. After all, whether you're a delivery truck driver, a chef -- even a food blogger, you concentrate, at least 40 hours per week on what goes into your mouth. It seems everything you do reminds you of eating.

If this is an issue for you, you might be interested in participating in a new weight loss documentary show that will send health experts to work with you in your own environment, so you won't have to take a leave of absence and so you will be able to adapt a new fitness program to your own life

The show is from the producers "Kitchen Nightmares" and "Celebrity Fit Club." "This will be a life changer," says casting director Debbie Ganz. "When you're in a tempting environment every day, no matter how much you know about health and fitness, it's really tough. These are the people we're trying to reach."

Who is Eligible?

And they're casting a very wide net. They're looking for anyone in the food industry, including chefs, restaurateurs, wait staff, cooks, managers, restaurant critics, sommeliers, food distributors, food truck drivers, butchers, bakers, fishermen, cookbook authors, food bloggers and writers, grocers, food testers, food truck owners, food factory workers, cafeteria workers, culinary instructors and more.

In order to participate, you could live anywhere in the U.S. -- the experts will come to you. This is not one of those shows in which you have to take a months-long hiatus from your life, loved ones and job, and learn how to stay fit in an artificial environment, far from home.

You get to work on your weight while you're working on your job, but your job must be in the food industry, and your access to it must be threatening your health. They're seeking people who are at least 75 pounds overweight, legal residents of the U.S. and at least 18 years old. You might be struggling with other food-related health issues, such as diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol or other maladies. This is not for the individual who just can't seem to shake that extra 10 lbs.

What's Involved?

Producers will follow the personal and professional lives of the individuals chosen for 17 weeks, and showcase their transformation with the help of top trainers, nutritionists and medical professionals. "We've cast so many shows," says Ganz, "but this one is so rewarding, and we're getting a huge response from people all over the country."

In that case, if you're interested, it would behoove you to apply ASAP. To be considered, send an email to, with your full name, occupation, age, contact number, height, weight, location and marital status. Also, send at least two photos: one full length and one closeup of you smiling. In addition, you'll need to write your story in 300 words or less, explaining why you think you neglected your weight and health, what losing weight would mean to you, and how many pounds you think you should lose. This is one time when you don't want to fudge and say you're 20 pounds lighter than you really are.

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