German Tourist Awarded $50 for Egyptian Resort's Nazi Sketch

Simone Ramella/Flickr

A Munich court awarded a German retroactive $50 discount on his trip to an Egyptian resort after he sued the hotel for putting on a performance that depicted teutonic goosesteppers and giving away his sunbed.

Der Spiegel reports that the angry tourist demanded that the resort pay back 25% of the cost of his holiday, $985 amd an additional $719 for ruining his vacation. The judge awarded the man $50 for the emotional damage of being mocked as a Nazi, but ruled that that the sunbed was in fact hotel property and pool attendants could give the chair to whomever they pleased.

The man accused the resort of being racist, but the judge retorted that though the performance was in poor taste didn't make it racist.

Sharm el-Sheik is a popular destination for Europeans, particularly for divers and snorkelers. A German snorkeler was killed there earlier this year by a shark. The fish was not accused of racism.

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