FrontierVille Sneak Peek: Zynga teases 'Vast' 41 x 41 Land Expansion and more

FrontierVille Land Expansion
FrontierVille Land Expansion

Aside from a place to create alcoholic beverages concoctions in, The Birch Still, not much has gone down in FrontierVille this week. But according to Zynga community manager Stumpgrinder, the long-awaited "Vast" Land Expansion is coming soon. The Land Expansion will likely come with a few new Goals to master, and it will increase your land size from 37 x 37 to 41 x 41.

Stumpgrinder also hinted in his forum post that "romance is in the air this week," and that the conclusion to Hank and Fanny's Wedding is coming soon. Not to mention that Zynga will throw a contest in honor of the upcoming Goals, which he seems to think are going to launch this week. Though, I'd hold your breath on that one. Here are some more recognized issues and fixes Zynga made to FrontierVille recently:

  • Dogs: The first herding quest was not tracking and should do so now.

  • Collections: Players are not able to open Collections at all.

  • Rodeo: Send Mighty Cheers comments/posts are not being counted/not showing up. Fixed!

  • Bears: Attempting to clobber a bear on a neighbor's homestead puts you out of sync.

  • Bad Rap Crate: We've extended the deadline on these crates for another five days.

Of course, the most exciting of these changes is that extension on the Bad Rap Crate, which offers several adorable Mystery Animals for Horseshoes, though 100 percent of proceeds go to Bad Rap's efforts. It looks like it pays to complain on the forums, after all.

Which are you more excited for: the Land Expansion or Hank and Fanny's Wedding? What other fixes or changes are you hoping come to FrontierVille? Sound off in the comments. Add Comment.