FarmVille: Have fun in the sun with new Summer items


If you thought the Sand Castle would be the only mention of summer in FarmVille, think again. A whole set of limited edition decorations and animals has launched in the game's store this evening, and guess what? They're in a new Summer theme. Actually, saying that these items are entirely "new" might be a bit of a stretch, as some are re-releases, but there are plenty of truly new items for those keeping score. Here's a look at what's available.


Hula Pig - 14 Farm Cash
Beach Ball Ewe - 15 Farm Cash

If you're wondering why the Ewe is so cheap, it's because it happens to be on sale for a limited time. The full price is 20 Farm Cash, so make sure to snag this one at a discounted price if you're at all interested. Also, the Hula Pig was originally released last July, so if you're an animal collector, make sure you don't already have one before shelling out the 14 Farm Cash for another.


Summer Cottage - 20 Farm Cash

This item is on sale too, down from what will be its normal price of 25 Farm Cash.


Beach Gnome - 10 Farm Cash
Beach Chair Set - 20,000 coins
Mini Beach - 16 Farm Cash
Surfboard - 10,000 coins
Surf Shack - 18 Farm Cash
Summer Swing - 100,000 coins

Take note: the Surf Shack, Surfboard and Mini Beach were all released previously in the game's Island Event, so watch out for accidentally purchasing duplicates. Also take note of the Beach Gnome's sale price - the price will increase to 15 Farm Cash in the future so shop now if you're interested.

Since this theme is borrowing so heavily from the previously released (and retired) Island theme, does this mean that we'll see other items make a return as well? Perhaps a few of the Tiki-themed huts or masks? We'll make sure to let you know either way, so keep checking back.

Did you already have all of these re-released items on your farm, or are you just picking them up for the first time now? Which other summer-themed items would you like to see make a comeback? Sound off in the comments.