FarmVille Mexico Trees: Pink and White Plumeria Trees on sale for a limited time


If you're a tree farmer in FarmVille, or you just happen to love a good sale (c'mon, who doesn't?), you'll be happy to know that those two things have combined in FarmVille this evening, as Zynga has released two new trees in the limited edition Mexico item theme that are also on sale.

The Pink Plumeria Tree is the level one tree in this new pair, and it costs just 3 Farm Cash (down from the original price of 5 Farm Cash). As for its partner, the White Plumeria Tree, you can either skip purchasing it altogether in favor of earning one or more through Mystery Seedlings, or you can buy one for 7 Farm Cash, which is down from what will be its normal price of 10 Farm Cash.

While these trees are marked as being available in the game's store for the next two weeks, we can't imagine that the sale price will last that long, so make sure to shop fast to be guaranteed the savings. If you're interested in mastering these two beauties, the first star is available after 75 harvests, which falls in line with basically every other tree released in recent memory.

Will you purchase both of these trees while they're on sale, or will you still stick with just purchasing the Pink Plumeria and resorted to Mystery Seedlings for the White Plumeria tree? Sound off in the comments.