FarmVille Mexico Items: Aztec Duck, Beach Villa, Beach Rock Arch and more

While tonight may have seen the official launch of the Summer limited edition item theme in FarmVille, it also saw a continuation of the now long-running Mexico item theme. Tonight's release sees the addition of new animals, buildings and decorations to the game's store, on top of new trees and clothing items for your in-game avatar. Here's a look at what's available.


Aztec Duck - 12 Farm Cash
Jaguar Cub - 12 Farm Cash

Pay special attention to both of these animals. If their prices seem lower than "normal," that's because both have been released on sale. While it would have been great to see a greater discount on both, they will both eventually cost 16 Farm Cash, so I suppose we have to take the slight savings where we can get it.


Beach Villa - 20 Farm Cash
Mayan Thatched - 250,000 coins

Again, this item is another that's currently on sale. The original price will be 25 Farm Cash, so hey - we've saved 13 Farm Cash so far (assuming you purchase all three of these items). That's at least enough for a few trees.


Mexico Beach - 4 Farm Cash
Mexico Beach II - 30,000 coins
Thatched Shelter - 50,000 coins
Mexico Beach IV - 30,000 coins
Mexico Cactus - 8,000 coins
Cactus Hedge - 5,000 coins
Beach Rock Arch - 3 Farm Cash
Mexico Beach III - 50,000 coins

These Mexico Beach items are similar to items like train tracks or mote pieces, in that they're pieces of a beach that can be put together for an optical illusion on your farm. It should be noted though that as of this writing, Mexico Beach II and III seem to be a bit bugged, and will show up as invisible in the game's store. You can view them full size by clicking on the Preview button, however, and they can be purchased as normal. As for the other items, Mexico Beach and the Beach Rock Arch are both on sale, down from their eventual prices of 7 and 5 Farm Cash each, respectively.

If you're having a hard time thinking of what to do with these items (especially if you're only purchasing those available for coins), remember that many of the Wild West items actually look perfect when placed alongside them. Combine those two themes into one larger area on your farm, and you'll really have something to impress your neighbors.

Have you been keeping up with the Mexico item theme in FarmVille? Do you have any decorating tips for your fellow farmers? Which of these items is your favorite? Let us know in the comments.