FarmVille: Mexico clothing items ready your avatar for a fiesta


If you've been enjoying the limited edition Mexico item theme in FarmVille has much as I have, you'll be happy to know that additional clothing items have been released for your in-game avatar. What Mexican fiesta would be complete without a Sombrero? Well, if you're not willing to spend 10 Farm Cash on a complete Charro Costume (which comes with one), you can now fill that void with a single Sombrero Hat, available to purchase for just a single Farm Cash.

If you're a soccer fan instead, you can purchase one of two jerseys, both called the "Mexico Soccer" jersey, for 5 Farm Cash each. The only different between the two is the color; one is black, gray and white, while the other is green, red and white.

If you're not sure whether these items are for you, remember that you can try any of them on in the store before buying, and also rest assured that you have a full two weeks to shop if you need time to make up your mind. Just remember to shop eventually - don't be like me and forget they exist altogether (trust me, that's not fun).

Will you deck your avatar out with any of these three new clothing items? What do you think of the massive size of the Sombrero Hat? Should the item be smaller, to fit the small scale of the avatar, or is it fine the way it is? Sound off in the comments.